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Google Primer

Google Primer is a new mobile learning platform featuring fast, easy, interactive lessons that people can take wherever, whenever they have 5 minutes free. The app’s distinctive tone of voice is jargon-free and humorous, and editorial illustrations offer moments of delight.

The content of the app avoids being a typical “how to” guide that only promotes Google’s products. Instead of step-by-step instructions, Primer teaches brand-agnostic marketing concepts and strategies—and that’s true whether the lesson is about the basics or a complex innovation.

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Argos ‘Simple Value’ packaging by The Partners

A complete repositioning of the Argos value range resulting in the creation of Simple Value. Consisting of 140 lines of essential products for the home and everyday items. Simple Value products speak for themselves so we wanted the packaging to reflect that. But simple doesn’t just mean basic. By adding a twist in the product descriptions the copy elevates the conversation, empathy and customer engagement beyond the ordinary. The packaging reflects the simplicity and great value of the products with this simple and honest tone of voice.
Simplicity. With added Value.

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