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Bill Bernbach interview, 1977

From the DMA website:

“The real basis for persuasion is to understand what motivates a man” – the great Bill Bernbach in interview with the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) president John Crichton in 1977

Bernbach is in fine form in these vintage pair of videos, produced in 1977. Yes, punk was exploding in both New York and London at the time, but his appearance and manner seem from another age. His reccommendations are timeless.

Remember, these were produced before desktop computers or really any of the common tools for modern life so it could be assumed that his opinions are irrelevant. Far from it.

Bernbach also has what could best be described as a twinkle in his eye – a little bit of mischief.
Watch below.

Cards against domestic violence

Despite its prevalence, Australians are still uncomfortable discussing Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence NSW wanted to raise awareness and get people talking. So The Joy Agency turned the one day we celebrate love, into an opportunity to discuss the issue. Together with Australia’s top female typographers they created a series of Valentine’s Day cards that on the surface looked like regular cards featuring cheesy metaphors of love, but on closer inspection had an entirely different sentiment. As the cards circulated, they started a conversation across Australia about an issue too often swept under the rug.
Cards Against Domestic Violence

Depaul Nightstop posters by Publicis London

The Depaul Nightstop project helps young, homeless people get off the streets and into the spare rooms of volunteers. But fears about personal safety prevent many people from getting involved.

To change opinions, Publicis London created posters that sit either side of a street corner. The left side sums up people’s preconceptions about taking in a homeless youth. When both sides are read together the perspective changes to show the positive side of volunteering.

The work made national news and was viewed and shared millions of times around the world – helping many young people turn a corner for real.

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