Blood Equality

In 2020 the FDA decided to change the policy on blood donations for gay and bi men. From a previous complete ban, the FDA is now asking them to be celibate for 3 months before donating. A policy that has no foundation in science, that condemns sexual orientation over sexual behaviours, and perpetuates years of stigma.

Created by FCB Health, USA.

Naloxone drug

Naloxone saves lives. It’s a drug that can reverse an opioid overdose and stop people dying. It’s free and legal to carry – yet few people do. So thousands in the UK still die from overdoses. This campaign sets out to change that, speaking to the people best placed to carry naloxone: people who use heroin. The poster campaign has been co-created with current and ex-heroin users who carry naloxone, and shares their unique reasons for carrying the drug.

Outdoor advertisement created by Havas, UK.