Vision Ad

Campaign to help reinvigorate outdoor ad spend. The work for Greater Manchester based VisionAd aims to remind people how powerful outdoor can be, and encourage businesses to start buying into the media again after months of lockdown.

Created by The&Partnership, UK.


The “Wow of Now” campaign bucks the trend of vegan food being talked about in an overly environmentally friendly, preachy tone to deliberately take on punchy everyday food ads. Pitched like comms for dirty burgers or dripping tacos, Tofoo becomes loud, messy and in your face.

By Who Wot Why, UK.

McDonald’s for students

In June 2020, Italian high school seniors were about to face the final exams before graduation. On the days, McDonald’s Italy delivered a social campaign targeted to students who were cramming for finals and needed a tasty break when hunger began to be felt.

Digital campaign created by Leo Burnett, Italy.

Twin Cities Marathon

Big marathons thrive on exclusivity and competition but the Twin Cities Marathon, in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area, is different. This campaign celebrated and welcomed all runners and all the different reasons they run.

Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis

Surfers Against Sewage

British water companies put profit before public health by leaking millions of people’s sewage into the rivers we swim in. Including the excellent excrement of British celebrities. Bottled at rivers across the country, our selection of celebrity sewage is the rawest around.

: George Robb, Psembi Kinstan