IKEA bag

In April 2017, Balenciaga brought out a blue leather bag resembling the iconic Ikea Franka tote as part of a series of ironic appropriations of branded items by creative director Demna Gvasalia. Priced at £1,705 compared to Ikea’s 40p version, Balenciaga’s bag was widely ridiculed though Ikea were quick to respond with humour, releasing this ad to help shoppers identify the original bag.
Agency: ACNE


DDB ‘Avis’ ad

This print ad titled AVIS was created by DDB Madrid advertising agency for DDB in Spain. It was released in March 2005.
DDB Madrid
Company: DDB ESPANA, SPAIN, Madrid
Creative Director: Fidel Del Castillo
Copywriter: Fidel Del Castillo
Art Director: Albert Giralt

Harrison’s Fund

Awarded a Graphite Pencil in the D&AD Professional Awards 2014 and a Wooden Pencil in 2015, this hard hitting campaign for Harrison’s Fund by Havas Group and AIS really holds the attention.


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Rethink Breast Cancer: Give-A-Care products

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The Guardian / Observer

Created by BBH London.

Unlike almost every other news outlet, the Guardian isn’t owned by shareholders who can influence news stories and push their own agendas. The Guardian is completely independent, so they are able to ask the questions others can’t and print the stories others won’t.

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War of Wits campaign Xbox Halo Wars 2

Great copywriting in this ‘War of Wits’ campaign for Halo Wars 2 by 215 McCann.

The campaign depicts alien General Atriox and human Captain Cutter locked in a war of wits. First on a domestic short-haul flight where they spar over ownership of the armrest, and second on the lot of a used car dealership where they attempt to outwit each other over the sale price of a vintage automobile. The winner is, naturally, the one who best knows his enemy.